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Founded: 08/2015

Opened: 10/01/2015

Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm Closed Sundays. Curbside Sales & Delivery, Mail Order, Layaway, Comic Pull List. Special Orders Welcome!

DC Comics 09/21/21 Releases

*2007 Washington Blvd. Belpre, Ohio 45714* *Phone or Text 740.525.1923*

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Comic Sense is not just a comic store, it's an ATTRACTION!

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When you stop by Comic Sense, you will immediately see...we are different than all the rest.  We are the areas highest Google rated comic book & gaming shop, and that is because we do things differently. Anyone can sell comic books & games, but to really stand out, you have to offer a different customer experience. That's just what we do! One of the first things you will notice, is our facility is SUPER CLEAN. Top to bottom we maintain order, and keep a store that always smells great. Next, we keep a very FAMILY FRIENDLY and FUN BASED atmosphere. No super edgy content that would make a sailor blush, and we keep the gaming fun, because we keep toxic players out! Another thing, we offer UNMATCHED CUSTOMER SERVICE! Personalized, friendly, and engaging assistance you won't find at any other area shop. Finally, Comic Sense is more than a comic book store...it's an ATTRACTION! A few things you'll see...life-sized, wearable Iron Man armor. A movie quality "Predator Alien" costume.  A "fluxing" Flux Capacitor, and a "hovering" Hoverboard. A photo backdrop, and an airborne Beholder, just to name a few. One of our beliefs is "Even if the customer doesn't buy anything, they should be entertained." We want all of our customers, especially first timers, to walk away from our store saying "WOW" because of our presentation, and what they saw and experienced. But ya know what? You shouldn't take our word for it. Don't take anyone's word for it. Come and see for yourself, how we raise the bar, for comic shops EVERYWHERE!.