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Soooo here's the deal. Over the past several weeks we have had more than a few people tell us that we should have a "tip jar." They said what we are doing here is awesome, the service is great & the store is amazing. "If you had a tip jar we would totally tip." Pretty cool we thought! There have also been a few people that just wanted to support us through a donation, because they love what we are doing. We have even had a couple investor related inquiry's as of late! (That is really awesome!) So we thought about it a little bit, and have come up with this! Venmo Comic Sense! While this will not be a way to pay for merch, it is a safe way to tip, donate, or show support for what we are doing here at Comic Sense. A permanent Comic Sense Venmo link has been added to the front page of ComicSenseShop.com. If you wish to support us that way, now you can! Venmo Comic Sense! Just scan the QR Code. - Mista J

P.S. - We repeat...This is not a way to pay for products. Do not send payment for in store items to this Venmo. No refunds will be given.