Raising the bar, for Comic shops everywhere!

Magic The Gathering, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, Tabletop gaming, and much more going on here at Comic Sense!!! We have on-site gaming at our shop with snacks and drinks available for purchase as well as gaming supplies. Tables are open for casual play/gaming between 11am and 7pm Mon - Sat.  If you are interested in seeing a particular game played, or participating in a demo, contact the shop. We will get you set up with an experienced player, for a personalized demo, of the game you want to play!

Currently Comic Sense runs game nights for Dungeons & Dragons, Hearthstone, Friday Night Magic and others! We also hold Pre-releases and other MTG ranked and casual events. Call or email for times and events or check our Facebook events page.

Comic Sense is always working on including new games and gaming into our store. If you have a suggestion or would like to see a particular game stocked or  a game night planned let us know. Call, email or contact us on Facebook!



2007 Washington Blvd. Belpre, Ohio 45714