Using our pull & hold service is a great way to ensure you get the new comic releases you want each week, and don't end up staring at a "sold out" sign! All you need to do is stop in to Comic Sense, and let us know you want to start a pull list. Assemble your list with the titles you want to follow every month, and we'll do the rest! We will save you a copy of all your favorite comics, magazines, or graphic novels, and hold them for you, until you pick them up.

PLUS: You get to be part of the most popular comic retailer for miles!

The Comic Sense Pull & Hold List!

For all rules and restrictions regarding this service, stop in to Comic Sense!

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  • *Free Membership
  • *You can start with as little as one title
  • *Quantity discounts
  • ‚Äč*24/7 title/special order contact number
  • *Subscriber only discount card
  • *10%-20% off pull titles
  • *20% off non-comic items for members
  • *First crack at promos, and special issues
  • *Free Marvel & DC previews catalogs