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Trivia Challenge presents...Trivia Challenge: SCREAM 1996!

If you are a fan of the Scream horror movie franchise, or trivia books, this post is going to be very exciting for you! will be the exclusive seller of the James G Seinfeld trivia book about SCREAM! Soon you will be able to purchase, and download his book containing over 375 trivia questions about the movie, that changed & revitalized the horror genre. Trivia Challenge: SCREAM 1996 will test your knowledge about: Movie Quotes, Scene details, Locations, General Scream Knowledge, Actor Info & MORE! There are even evaluation sections, at the end of each quiz, that let you know exactly how you did. All of the answers are in the back of the book, and get this...They are TIME STAMPED! If you want, or need to see where the answer came from, you can! Fire up the movie on your DVD player, and scroll to the listed time stamp, for the answer needed!

If you are a SCREAM fan, this book is going to be a MUST-HAVE! I have already had the pleasure to read thru the book, and it is GREAT! There are some easy questions, but there are some really hard ones too, that only a true SCREAM fan will know. The best thing about's a digital PDF file, so it is easy to download, and get started right away! Use it as a party game, or to test your friends, and it is excellent for solo games to quiz yourself. You are definitely going to learn something you didn't know before! So watch for the Trivia Challenge: SCREAM 1996 digital trivia book to drop here on It is coming soon!