Excited to be back & website update.

Hey Comic Sensors! We have returned from vacation, and really excited to get back to some comic shop awesomeness, as only we can provide. The family & I had a fantastic time. It's always fun to be able to get away from it all & relax for a nice extended amount of time.

While we were gone we visited a handful of comic stores of varying sizes. They were ok, but nothing like Comic Sense! The customer interaction was pretty much zero, atmosphere was...ugh, and we were even the victim of a belching cashier at one of the stores. Yeah...SHE offered "Burps while you wait." I swear I thought she was gonna puke when she was ringing me up. I'm always happy to see that we are out-pacing other stores & offering a better "in store" experience, but I guess it's pretty easy when you're not burping in the customers face.

As you have probably already noticed, unless you are visiting for the first time, the website has changed. It is currently in a scaled back design, that I kinda like honestly. I was just not happy with the previous version, and decided to redesign the site, so I scrapped the entire thing & we are starting from scratch. You will see it go thru changes as time goes on. Right now I wanted to make sure we could communicate to you what is going on at Comic Sense. So the Social media section is the first to go up. Other features will go live as I complete them. Keep an eye here for updates.

We have a lot of comics to get out on the shelves today & tomorrow, so we are going to be super busy, but don't let that stop you from coming by! Come & see us today, because we missed you!

Mista J

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