Our New Web Site is LIVE!

Welcome to the newly updated ComicSenseShop.com! We are so thrilled to have our site back up & running. It contains new features, the biggest being the new ONLINE STORE, it sports a fresh design, and still has some of your favorite features from before! You can still get entertainment news, and store information like always. Details about our comic book "Pull & Hold" list are available here, with a downloadable form to list your titles. Our "Special Intelligence" section will function as our social media page. While we have Comic Sense Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages, they will NOT be updated with any content. They function purely as a link to ComicSenseShop.com. The "Earth Prime" page will be your one stop for comic & entertainment news, and will be updated every one to two days with new content, or as important news breaks.

We will be adding new sections & features over the next few weeks, including weekly comic book release information, and more store products. So stay tuned to see what's going on! Visit often to see new content.