Trivia Challenge: SCREAM 1996! Are you a fan of the SCREAM horror movie franchise? Well then, do we have a trivia book for YOU!


Behold! A trivia book about the movie that reinvigorated the horror genre! It is broken down into three acts per quiz, with a follow up "evaluation section" to see if you even survived! There are nearly 400 SCREAM 1996 questions in this book, and it covers topics like, Movie Quotes, Behind-The-Scenes Info, Actor Info, Attention to Detail questions & MORE. This book is PERFECT for fans of the franchise. It can be used as a party game, or to quiz your friends, and it is PERFECT for quizzing yourself! You will definitely learn something new by the time you are done with Trivia Challenge: SCREAM 1996!


Digital PDF download. 50 pages, 13 quizzes, 390 questions + 10 bonus questions from the next installment,"Trivia Challenge: SCREAM 2!" That's right, there's a sequel in the works! The answers are even TIME STAMPED with their location in the movie. So you not only see the answer in the book, you can also fire up the movie on your DVD player, and scroll to the time stamp to see EXACTLY where the answer came from! This book was assembled by a true SCREAM fan!


*Your digital download begins after purchase. *Once you make your purchase, be sure and print out a copy to have with you.

Trivia Challenge: Scream 1996 Digital Book

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